Moroccan surfers win the first three places in the first stage of the Rip Curl Africa Surf Tour, held in Dakar from 5 to 7 February 2016. But competition organisers admit that many of the participants have fallen ill as a result of the heavily polluted water.
Network Africa: Sudan Migrant Shot in Israel 08/02/16 Pt.1
All Africa Poker Tournament November 2009 – Episode 6 Part 4 All,Africa,Poker,Tournament,November,2009,Episode,6,Part,4
South Africa’s top court is to decide whether President Jacob Zuma should pay back money used to upgrade his ancestral home.
The BBC has gathered evidence that Israel is sending unwanted African migrants to other countries under secretive deals which may be in breach of .Welcome to the official BBC News YouTube channel. Interested in global news with an impartial perspective? Want to see behind-the-scenes clips and footage .BBC Africa draws on its extensive network of journalists to deliver the biggest stories from across the continent and its diaspora. Our YouTube channel features .PLEASE SUBSCRIBE Please visit: or for the latest news commentary by Global .
Ante Up for Africa Celebrity Poker Tournament Monte Carlo, Monaco: James Kyson Lee Ante,Up,for,Africa,Celebrity,Poker,Tournament,Monte,Carlo,Monaco,James,Kyson,Lee
Nigeria Has More Solid Minerals Than S/Africa, Australia & Canada– Ooni Of Ife
Network Africa: 4 Militant Killed In Egypt Raid 08/02/16 Pt.2
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The music video to Beyonce’s new single “Formation,” which she performed during the Super Bowl Sunday, is being quickly labeled as political because of its references to Hurricane Katrina and Black Lives Matter protests.But “Formation” differs radically from other post-Ferguson protests songs like Trip Lee’s “Coulda Been Me” or Rihanna’s “American Oxygen” video, which focus on black men’s deaths.Beyonce’s celebration of her formation her heritage, her fine form, her politics—is a tapestry of black women’s colorful, textured lives, which refuse to become the living deaths that feminist foremother Audre Lorde warned us about.While some activists call on African Americans to [More]
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2010 WSOP Ante Up For Africa: Cheadle and Duke 2010,WSOP,Ante,Up,For,Africa,Cheadle,and,Duke
South Africa’s apartheid policy during the height of it’s existence.
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South Africa’s government says this year will be a tough one for its mining industry.